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Conditions of Participation for the IZM (International two-stroke championship) 2015 organised by IG Königsklasse

The IZM, organised by the IG Königsklasse, presumably will be competed in 6 events.

The provisional schedule includes the following events:



At all events there will be held 1 free practice, 2 qualifying practices and 2 races.

The IG Königsklasse aims to integrate a warm-up practice on every event. 

Any Changes will be announced by the time schedule of every upcoming event.

IGK-Championship and licence requirements (125 / 250 / 500 / 250 sportproduction) :

All members of the IG Königsklasse are able to earn championship points. The rider has to be registered for the event and of course has to compete the races on a two stroke motorcycle.

Following the IGK rules and regulations every motorcycle will be placed in its category.

At some events held by the IG Königsklasse a DMSB C-license or higher is obligatory. The C-license can be ordered at DMSB for 25€, or can be bought directly at the event for 28€. Riders without a membership of any german automobil club or motorsport association (DMV/ADAC/AVD/ADMV…) can buy the C-license with a surcharge of 30€.

Please remark: There no possibility to buy the C-license at first event in Brno / Czech Republic!

Licence rules for foreign riders


Participation of Moto3

As a registered association, the IG Königsklasse dedicates its efforts to support young rider and conserve motorsport with two-stroke motorcycles. Nevertheless, the IG Königsklasse allows Moto3 bikes to start at the events to promote young talents and give them the chance to practise under race conditions. Moto3 drivers are not authorized to get championship points.

The Moto3 and 125 rider are forming the second part of the grid and will start with a 20 second delay after the 250cc/500cc field. All races will be started with a signal light (red/off).

If there is no separate time slot the Moto3 machines will be integrated in the 250cc/500cc grid.

If more than 5 Moto3 drivers are qualified for one event, there will be an award giving ceremony for the first 3 Moto3 riders or together with the 125cc drivers. The procedure may vary at the event.

Entry fee and payment

1. Entry single event -> Single event entry:

The entry fee for IGK members, including organisation charge, is 290€ for a single event.

Guest riders without IGK membership are allowed to participate at the race events buy a surcharge of 30€. 

Named entry fees will be applied

$1      if the receipt of the binding event registration has been effected at least 3 weeks prior the event. The day of the receipt of the filled in online entry form is decisive      for the entry in time. 


$1      if the event organiser has confirmed the entry by email and the confirmed entry fee is completely received on the IGK bank account within 5 days.

Later entries and/or payments will be charged by additional registration fee of 30€. Crucial for the payment in time is the day of the receipt of the entire entry fee.

Cash Payment at the event is only possible if the participant decides to participate less then 3 days prior to the event and a bank transfer is not possible anymore. Cash payment at the event will be charged with additional fee of 20€. This regulation will only be valid upon approval by the event organisation.

Only the members of the board are allowed to agree on alternative arrangements.

2. Full season entry:

For a full season entry an IGK membership is mandatory. Before 1st of April 2015 the all year entry fee will be 1.600 EUR.

The full season entry authorises to start at every of the six events.

For nonattendance the members of the board have to be informed as soon as possible.  Providing a medical certificate 150€ will be a refunded.

3. Payment:

All payments has to be transferred to the following bank account:

Account holder:              IG Koenigsklasse e.V.

Bank:                           Frankfurter Volksbank e.G.

IBAN:                           DE59501900006001352693

BIC:                             FFVBDEFF

The IG Königsklasse reserves the right to decline the entry of a rider.

Cancellation of an entry:

Cancellation of an entry will be accepted as follows:

  •  -   until 14 days prior to the event a cancellation fee of 30EUR will be charged
  •   -  until 5 days prior to the event a cancellation fee of 100EUR will be charged

The remaining amount will be used as deposit for a following event and will expire completing the last event of the season 2015. Any claims against the IG Königsklasse will not longer be recognised.

Cancellation of full season entry will only be accepted until 8th of April 2015 less the -> by applying a cancellation fee of 100EUR.

Cancellations which are not been received in the above mentioned deadlines will not be accepted.

Payed entry fees are individual-related and not transferable to a third person.

Cancellation / abortion of the event:

Under unacceptable weather conditions or particular circumstances a cancellation or abortion of an event may be inevitable. For named cases entry fees entry fees can neither be refunded nor credited.

Further applicable conditions

Furthermore the general technical and competition rules of the DMSB are valid for all IGK events.

14th of march 2015

sgd. Stephan Grün                              sgd. Peter Schulte Wien                      sgd. Reiner Scheidhauer


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